There is no doubt that implementing commercial cleaning in your workplace can improve workplace safety. Here are the top reasons why:

* A clean and safe workplace is important to comply with the Government Workplace safety standards and regulations If your staff are doing the cleaning in your office you need to be aware that this can lead to a Workers Compensation Claim if anything happens to them while cleaning. Injury can occur when staff are doing simple tasks like using a vacuum cleaner, or if they are using chemical cleaning products. This can lead to huge premiums to business owners for their Workers Compensation. For some businesses this can lead to the Business Owner having to shut the business (it is not uncommon for Insurers to increase premiums by 100%+ because of a claim. No matter how small). Once WorkCover Australia is involved, they may visit your place of business to assess why an injury/accident occurred to a worker. This can also lead to subsequent fines.

* Less staff absenteeism due to sickness In this day and age with diseases such as swine flu, MRSA, Staf infections being so easily transmitted, it is so important for businesses to provide a clean and healthy environment for their staff. Dirt, dust and grime accumulate bacteria which can cause illness to your employees. Not only will they be less productive, but they simply will not be able to come in to work. In the event that a corporate cleaning service is already being utilised, business owners should be aware of the types of cleaning products that the company uses. Cleaning contractors should always use anti-bacterial solutions on places like door knobs and handles, telephones, keyboards and mouses, which are breeding grounds for germs.

* The importance of projecting the right image when customers visit your premises Keeping a clean workplace is important not only to your staff but also to your customers or potential clients who visit. If your place of business looks and feels dirty, chances are people will be less likely to want to deal with you in the future. Furthermore, if your workplace isn’t clean, you are exposing your customers to possible pathogens which could even cause them to be ill after a visit to your place of business. By employing an office cleaning service you’ll have piece of mind that your business looks and feels clean, always.

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