COVID-19 Safety Checklist to Reopen Your Workplace

As the nations started to lift lockdown impositions on stay home rules and social distancing steps, it is essential for the organizations to take the COVID-19 safety checklist, prime measures before returning to offices. Now hands-free technology will play a pivotal role in Covid-19 reopening workplace policies. OSHA is also giving guidelines to the companies to implement coronavirus workplace safety measures.

This only does not include the residential areas but also the offices and industries. Thus, the WHO (World Health Organization) has provided the COVID-19 checklist to ensure its prevention at the workplace. 

Here is the COVID-19 safety checklist to be implemented at the workplace before reopening to prevent spreading it!

  • It is highly recommended to sanitize the office furniture, machinery, and all over areas to avoid, COVID-19 spread. The sanitization should be done before starting work and also, at regular intervals while working. Make sure your commercial cleaning service provider is performing COVID-19 cleaning, disinfection, preventive services. 
  • If feasible, the managing director should get a disinfectant chamber installed at the office entrances.
  • One of the best components of the COVID-19 safety checklist in the workplace is temperature checking.
  • Install infrared thermometers to check the body temperature of every employee at the office entrances.
  • It is highly recommended to switch the attendance system from biometric to a card-based one. This will help in averting the employees from touching a single spot & thus, preventing outspread chances.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers must be installed or placed at the desks and important spots at the office.
  • Soaps and tissue papers should also be present in the washrooms for all the employees.
  • As per the governmental orders, businesses may choose the most appropriate work timings, shifts, and work from home allowances. For this, every office needs to get permission from the corporate office.
  • Avoid shaking hands with co-workers. It is almost a quick response when employees encounter. So handshaking is strongly discouraged.
  • The education of staff on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 is mandatory. For this new HR staff should be hired and appointed if any employee gets ill.
  • If any employees caught coronavirus, he must stay at home to avoid transferring germs to others. Implementation of a flexible sick-leave strategy should be given to the employee to accommodate him.
  • Bluetooth contact tracing system should be made viable making tracking and reporting cases quickly and efficiently. This is a precious treasure in preventing the transmission of coronavirus on returning the work.
  • Connect the open path with a touchless access control system with automatic door openers through which the employees may enter and exit without touching the door.
  • Companies should install more automated and voice-activated technology. This can avoid the common touch of employees at the workplace.
  • Setting new policies for social distancing to reduce crowding in common spaces, lobbies, and entries. Making sure the video conferencing and virtual meeting instead of large in-person meetings.
  • Discourage social and mutual gatherings in common areas, remove electronic appliances from the common areas, and break rooms.
COVID-19 Safety Checklist to Reopen Your Workplace

For every business organization, the health safety of its employees is most important. Although adopting the Covid-19 preventive measures may be difficult for the employees and workers, yet they need to maintain a healthy COVID-19 free environment.

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It is necessary to return the office with an abundance of cautions. Organizations should establish the COVID-19 safety checklist to lessen the risk and transmission of germs among employees. They should adopt precautions to keep the employees safe by the updating security system.

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