While good hygiene and cleaning has always been critical to fitness establishments, it’s taken on new importance post-COVID-19. Today your clients are expecting the most rigorous cleaning standards when they use your studio or gym. In fact, one recent survey reported that over 90 percent of consumers are concerned about the level of cleanliness at their fitness business, and it will affect whether or not they decide to visit.

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Your members remain loyal customers because you earn it with great service, an inviting space, and well-maintained equipment and facilities. Having a strategy to ensure that your customers feel protected, calm, and informed about your cleaning efforts has become a natural and essential part of running a fitness center.

At the same time, however, as a business owner, you already need to juggle numerous responsibilities. Getting your cleaning regime down right is also going to take a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money. These are resources you could be investing into other areas of your business. 

How can you bridge the gap?

Here are 4 steps you can take to create the most effective cleaning plan for your fitness business that will allow you to still focus on your day-to-day operations:

Step 1: Conduct a cleaning audit 

The first step is to figure out what it will take to establish a high level of cleanliness in your studio or gym. Part of this process will involve doing a little research. For instance, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers instructions for cleaning and disinfecting a facility. The Association of Fitness Studios has also published a list of guidelines, recommendations and other resources specifically for fitness businesses that are worth checking out. 

Look into what will be required to clean the various surfaces and equipment within your facility. For instance, hard and non-porous materials like glass, metal, and plastic, require different cleaning methods as compared to soft and porous materials, such as carpeting or upholstery. 

Part of your cleaning audit should also take into consideration who will be carrying out your cleaning plan. If your current staff will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting, then you have to factor in required training time as well as any necessary work schedule adjustments. If equipment needs to be cleaned in between sessions or classes, then that should be considered, too.

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Step 2: Conduct a full cost assessment

Now that you have an idea of what equipment and surfaces need to be cleaned, you need to run the numbers to decide how to carry out your program in the most cost-effective way. The cost of your cleaning program will include employee training, employee work time, and maintaining a full stock of cleaning supplies.  

If you are considering hiring a professional cleaning service to take on your deep cleaning efforts, then make sure to get a few estimates. Pricing is going to vary depending on the physical size of your business, your location, and your cleaning requirements. 

Step 3: Create a cleaning plan and schedule

After determining all the costs involved and itemizing all areas, surfaces, and equipment that will need to be cleaned in your facility, it’s time to create your cleaning program. This means developing a routine cleaning plan and schedule for both your facility and your equipment. You should also make sure there is a way for your employees to document whenever an area of your gym or a piece of equipment has been cleaned.

For your fitness businesses, it may make financial and practical sense to hire a professional deep cleaning service for all or part of your cleaning program. For instance, professional cleaners can perform a deep clean of most surfaces, touch-points, and fitness equipment one-to-three times a week, while your staff can spot clean your gym or studio daily or as needed. This can not only be a cost-effective solution, but it frees up a tremendous amount of time and energy– for you and your staff. 

Professional cleaning services also have access to advanced cleaning equipment, products, and cleaning methods. So, that is something to consider, as well. 

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Step 4: Communicate with your customers

Some of your customers may need significant reassurance that your fitness center is serious about its cleaning efforts. For this reason, it’s important  

communicate the steps you are making to responsibly clean and disinfect your facility.

You can get this information out to your customers via on-site signage, emails, and even social media. 

In the end, you’ll be showing your customers that you are truly doing your best to maintain their health, safety, and comfort. 

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