Although dust mites do not attack the human body directly, their presence can trigger an allergic reaction causing great discomfort to those who are susceptible to them. In fact, it is not the dust themselves that cause the problem as much as the protein found in their remains and in their excreta, namely DER p1.

Sometimes, normal carpeting cannot remove the remains of dust mites and that is why commercial carpet cleaning needs to be called in.  The fibers of most carpets have a rough fibrous surface that hold dust mites within the pile even when a normal vacuum cleaner is used to suck them out. Only a commercial  carpet cleaner coupled with specialist cleaning agents can do a proper job of removing them almost completely, the operative term here is ‘almost completely’ because dust mites are impossible to entirely eradicate.

Let’s look at the best strategy is for keeping your office as free of dust mites as possible.

  • Use a commercial carpet cleaning service that regularly cleans carpets and schedules the use of a hot steam process at least every six months in conjunction with appropriate pesticides.
  • Eliminate as much dust from the environment as possible from things like shelving and desks which can accumulate dust in large amounts if left unattended. This means that the cleaning contract should involve cleaning all office equipment especially hidden shelves and the tops of books or folders which may be left unused for long periods of time.
  • Look at the possibility of installing air cleaners which will rid the air of dust before it can settle into the carpet.