During these rough economic times, The Business Cleaning Company Inc. would like to help you save time and money.

We would like to introduce you to our Supply Management System, a program created to help your company save space, time, and money on your janitorial supplies.

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Supply Management System Specifications:

We re-stock your paper and hand soap dispensers on each cleaning visit:

Our trained cleaning crew has an accurate idea of how often your supplies need to be ordered.

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Never Run Out of Janitorial Supplies

  • The cleaning crew will notify the warehouse when supplies are running low. Personnel approves your supply
    stock and places orders to be delivered at your location.
  • Add space to your warehouse/ Janitors closet:
    On delivery visits, the delivery person will store and organize supplies properly in your janitor’s
    closet. Boxes will be recycled.
  • Security:
    The delivery person verifies with the contact’s signature if the order is correct.
  • Clear Invoices:
    Instead of receiving one invoice per order. The Business Cleaning Company will summarize your
    deliveries for the month by item. This way you will track how much you are using and spending per
  • Not enough storage space?
    An assigned area in our warehouse could be used to store your company’s supplies. Deliveries will
    be done on a weekly basis if necessary.
  • No Backorders
    Distributors nationwide make it possible for us to always have products available.
  • Free distribution.

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Our dedicated staff is waiting to help you customize your order and find the quality products you need for a clean and healthy business.


janitorial supply closet

Our janitorial supply management system also gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll have the right supplies needed.


  • Bathroom Cleaners
  • Glass and Multipurpose Cleaners
  • Spray Bottles
  • Paper Towels / Toilet Paper / Refills / Dispensers
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Mops / Brooms /Floor Care / Buckets / Carts
  • Cleaning Machines
  • Odor Control
  • Waste Receptacles / Bags
  • Degreasers
  •  and More!