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The scent of hand sanitizer is in the air, along with being reminded to constantly wash your hands. That’s right, we’re going to get through this COVIN-19 pandemic and carry-on.

Dozens of states are issuing stay-at-home orders. Since the order has gone into effect, residents can still go out for essential needs.

And yes, you can still go out for a walk, jog, and do regular errands if you’re not sick!

Services such as gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, laundromats, and restaurants (providing takeout and delivery options) are still open.

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Common sense and social distancing need to be in practice in order to help slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. 

As a result, stores have adapted and rolled-out new safety precautions and customers are now getting extra prepared before going out for errands.

You may have observed new signage, new equipment, and have already adapted to a whole new shopping experience.

Sneeze Shields

Walmart, Albertsons, Target, Whole Foods, Kroger has reported new “sneeze shields” installed at all cashier stands. With each cashier interacting with a high-volume of customers, they are the most vulnerable employee in the store in need of social distancing.

Temporary Store Capacity Limits

Many stores are only allowing ten customers in the store at a time. The result? Be prepared to wait for an extended period of time. Many customers in long lines waiting to enter the store is now a common scene as you drive by.

Standing in Line?

You may notice stores encouraging social distancing by marking an “X” every 6 feet with tape on the floor for visual guides showing how far apart to stand. Not only is social distancing a new “good manner” to have, but it’s also encouraged! Standing too close to another shopper is now seen as disrespectful. 

Need to Cough or Sneeze?

You are expected to cough or sneeze in your upper sleeve. In fact, if you don’t people will become upset and fearful to be in your presence.

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Shopping Cart Handel Wipes

Many stores have hand sanitizer and hand wipes readily available upon entering the store. Now it seems this is mandatory at every store. 

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Disinfectants / Hand Sanitizers / Gloves / Mask

Heading out? Bringing some new gear with you on your errands is now part of your routine. You probably now carry around a travel-sized hand sanitizer and or disinfectant wipes. Disposable gloves are also a popular choice. You might even pack a mask with you.



Facemasks are a normalized sight to see customers and employees wearing even in the produce aisle. From surgical masks to N95 respirators, you may even see homemade DIY masks.


Using the Keypad?

Many banks and stores have an employee assigned to wiping down keypads and kiosks after each customer. You may even see people wiping down this equipment themselves. 


Stores are scrambling to create signs with either rules or precautions.

You may have already noticed signs such as:

  • “No leaning on the counter” 
  • “Text us for curbside service” 
  • “Offering curbside pick-up” 
  • “We’re temporarily closed” 
  • “Delivery available through online apps” 
  • “Limit 1 per customer” 
  • “This area has been sanitized” 
  • “This office is a handshake-free zone” 
  • “Credit and Debit cards only”
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You Made it Home from your Errands Now What?

Make sure you wash your hands! You may even want to change your clothes if you’ve been around any coughing or sneezing.
Remember, these new precautions have gone into effect in order to help save lives. We’re all in this together.

How do you prepare before going out for an errand?

Let us know in the comments below.

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