Retail cleaning services make your customers feel valued, which boosts their dwell time and sales.

It’s true. Retail stores attract numerous customers every day, but with so many people coming in for just one visit it is important that they feel comfortable walking away from their first impression of your store – which means you need an immaculate interior! With regular cleanings at affordable prices, The Business Cleaning Company is helping businesses nationwide increase their customer dwell time and boost sales!

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Retail cleaning companies are tasked with the often difficult job of keeping floors, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas clean.

Their customers include national retailers, transportation terminals, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, and universities.  

It is a well-recognized fact that retail shoppers have little patience for dirty or messy restrooms so it’s key to keep them clean.

Most everyone would agree that the faster a retail store can serve its customers, the better it is for both the business and shoppers.

A recent article in Store Operations Management suggests some businesses may be able to improve customer dwell time by employing a team of cleaners to routinely check on restrooms while stores are open and clean them before they get dirty.

While the article focuses on retail, other businesses – such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and shopping malls – can also take note of this innovative idea to improve customer experience.

This approach is especially helpful in preventing paper towel shortages. The good news for cleaning companies that get involved is that they may get more work.

Here are some suggestions:

Routinely check restrooms during store hours. The team should clean the restrooms before they become dirty, and leave a notice that they’ve been cleaned for customers to easily see.

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Customer dwell time is a key part of retail success – particularly in larger stores that may be spread out over several floors.

It can be difficult to maintain restrooms in these locations because one or two dedicated cleaners are not able to keep them clean enough during the whole time the store is open.

Routinely checking on restrooms while they are still clean, and having a team of cleaners take turns making them sparkle will go a long way toward keeping your retail customers happy.   

Visible Cleaning Increases Customer Confidence

The most important aspect of retail cleaning is to keep customers safe, and visible teams are the perfect solution. Employees should be trained on how to properly use all equipment in order to provide excellent customer service. 

By having a team of dedicated cleaners go through the store throughout the day, you can ensure that your store looks clean for your customers to visit.

Your employees should be trained to clean aisles and door handles as well as restrooms, so customers feel safe walking the aisles and using the facilities.

In addition to visible cleaning teams, having good signage will ease customer concerns about restrooms being available when needed.

Placing “clean” banners near the restroom entrances lets customers know that they are in working order and available when they need them. 

If you have multiple floors or a large store, it can be difficult to maintain the restrooms with just one or two employees.

For this reason, we recommend having a group of dedicated cleaners do rounds throughout the day so that all areas of the store look clean and welcoming for customers to visit.

Because our products contain no harsh chemicals and are safe to use on all surfaces, it is easy for employees to keep restrooms and other areas clean without having to worry about damaging fixtures or furniture.

Thorough Cleaning Helps Touchpoints Remain Open

The environment a store creates can have an impact on customer satisfaction. In fact, over 60% of shoppers state that dirty restroom and shopping cart conditions will cause them not only to leave quickly but also never return again.

Opting instead for cleaner stores with well-maintained surroundings makes sense as aesthetically pleasing areas draw people in who want to spend time there rather than just browse through shopkeepers’ items at their own pace before leaving without buying anything new.

By having your store’s touchpoints cleaned on a regular basis, you can reduce the chance of customers losing interest in your product because they are disappointed with the way things look. 

In addition to keeping carts clean for customers, it is also important that touchpoints are properly maintained to prevent spills that could affect the cleanliness of your store. Touchpoints include door handles, cash registers, carts, and restrooms.

To maintain touchpoints throughout your facility, you’ll need products designed specifically for these areas.

Our touchpoint solutions are designed to remove bacteria and other harmful contaminants from your store, ensuring that customers feel safe while shopping in your establishment.


Positive Shopper Experiences Increases Foot Traffic

A clean retail environment shows customers that your company cares about the quality of your products and it will lead to increased sales.

The Business Cleaning Company can help you ensure that customers have a positive shopping experience at all times by maintaining the cleanliness of your store on a regular basis throughout the year.

Our cleaning services keep touchpoints clean and free from:

  • Dirty floors.
  • Unsanitary restroom conditions.
  • Spills or debris on the floor.
  • Excessive dust and dirt throughout the store.

Contact The Business Cleaning Company to learn more about our professional hygiene services for retail environments.

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have regarding these types of cleaning solutions throughout the year.


Clean Carts and Basket Enhance the In-Store Experience

When customers are given a way to carry their purchases, they tend to spend more time shopping. One such example is providing them with bags or baskets that can hold everything they buy while also encouraging the sale by making it easy for you too!

Finding a clean, working shopping cart can be challenging for customers. They are sometimes dirty, broken down, or customers have to wait in line for an available one. 

It is also important that retailers inspect carts prior to use because they could be damaged and/or unbalanced which not only affects the shopper but the products inside as well.

When shopping carts are not being used they should be stored in an area where they cannot interfere with traffic or occupy space where customers could have been standing to look at products on shelves. 

If you keep a clean retail environment, customers will feel more inclined to enter your store and spend time there rather than going from store-to-store looking for the most appealing one.

The Business Cleaning Company can help you keep shopping carts clean so that customers are more likely to utilize them when browsing your store.

We offer a variety of equipment designed to remove germs, stains, grease, and other harmful contaminants using professional strength products without the use of harsh chemicals.

Clean Retail Spaces are Comforting to Your Employees

We all know that customer satisfaction is vital to the success of any business, but did you also consider how it can be an important factor in increasing dwell times?

Satisfied employees are more likely than not going to recommend our store and even come back for future purchases.

Employees who work in a clean retail environment are also more likely to be helpful toward customers because the appearance of their store makes them feel less stressed and accepted. The Business Cleaning Company provides services that keep workplaces sanitized from germs, bacteria, dirt, and other foreign particles that can lead to illness or accidents.

In addition to improving employee morale, these hygiene services can help reduce injury in the workplace because you’ll be preventing accidents that could occur in an unclean environment.


Clean Retail Environments are Beneficial for all Stakeholders

When customers are happy with their purchase, they often tell other people about it. This can result in increased foot traffic to your store and even more positive reviews for you!

Keeping a clean retail space is important because it benefits not only your customers but also your employees and owners as well.

When the appearance of a retail environment is unappealing, it leads to fewer sales and unhappy workers. 

Less than satisfied employees will decrease their work productivity and cases of mistakes and/or accidents in the workplace may arise due to unclean conditions where work is being completed. 

An unclean retail environment can also be bad for business owners because it can affect their employees and potentially decrease revenue if customers begin to shop elsewhere.

  • Dusty ceiling tiles, vents, and other furniture fixtures.
  • Poorly maintained carpets and floors could lead to injury in the workplace.
  • Unsanitary restrooms with dirty mirrors, toilets, sinks, and tubs.
  • Inefficient air conditioning or heating ventilation.

Using a Retail Cleaning Company Helps You Appeal to Customers’ Sense of sight.

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Customer dwell times are significantly increased when retailers utilize a shopping experience that appeals to all five senses.

Having a clean environment is important for customers because it allows them to focus on shopping and making purchases instead of worrying about whether or not their surroundings are safe and appealing. 

A clean retail space with fresh paint, sparkling floors, and well-maintained fixtures will help attract consumers who simply want to purchase items they need without the hassle of a poorly maintained store.

The retail experience is about more than just smelling fresh and looking clean – it’s also about feeling good when you touch various tools, materials, and products that are being offered in a store.  

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In addition to our retail cleaning services, we provide a variety of janitorial supplies and a supply management system designed to remove germs, stains, grease, and other harmful contaminants using professional strength products. We also have restroom hygiene supplies that will ensure your facilities are as clean as possible. 

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The first step in creating a retail space that makes customers feel comfortable and fits your brand image is hiring an expert cleaning company to provide deep store cleaning services.

When you hire a quality retail cleaning company, your employees don’t have to worry about keeping their environment clean because the experts are doing it for them. 

When you hire a professional cleaning company, your employees can focus on other tasks while the retail space is being kept clean and tidy.

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Keeping your store looking its best doesn’t have to be difficult if you partner with the right cleaning company.

When you hire a quality cleaning service provider, your store’s environment can stay clean without employees having to worry about it.

Our retail cleaning services will improve the look and feel of your store, making customers more comfortable while they shop.