Spring is here and you know what that means. It’s time to start Spring Cleaning your retail store. Spring is a great time to get cleaning. We’ve compiled this checklist for you so that your store will look clean and inviting, enticing customers into browsing longer or purchasing more!

spring cleaning

Schedule your Spring Cleaning as a day event

To ensure the most productive workforce, have all of your employees come in for a day or two when you’re normally closed. Play music and provide lunch to make it fun! If they participate enough (and show up), maybe offer them some bonus cash as well so that more people can take advantage of this opportunity. If your employees are not up for the task, be sure to bring in a professional business cleaning company. This can help you be sure the task gets completed on time and exceed your expectations since they are professionals! Your employees might also prefer this option!

Start cleaning from top to bottom

Work from top to bottom, starting at the shelves with dust and wiping them down before replacing products. Work your way down every shelf in order for everything not only to look pristine but also to remain organized so you can find what’s required when needed!

Every surface needs to sparkle

Cleaning your retail store is a great way to get rid of dirt and dust that could be settling on everything. Wash walls, floors, or anything in between; give them an extra-thorough clean with soap if needed! Be sure you mop up all liquids so there aren’t any pesky stains left behind after drying time has passed (it’s best not to use bleach). When it comes down to cleaning windows both inside out – outside too– make sure everything looks sparkling fresh again before customers come walking through those doors looking for what they need next.


The cleaning process is more than just dusting the baseboards. It’s important to clean up all of your messes so that everything has an organized and tidy appearance for when you need it most! When store shelves are neat, tidy, and counters are organized, it makes the store look bigger and more luxurious.

Notice the little things

Touch up paint and replace any tiles that are missing. You can also regrout the sinks, install new shelves if necessary to give your countertops an even cleaner look than before so customers keep coming back again.

Sparkling fresh bathroom stalls

Make your bathroom shine and sparkle for all those visiting so they have an amazing first impression of our place!

Need Spring Cleaning Solution? Call in the pros!

The Business Cleaning Company is a well-established, full-service janitorial corporation that has been providing quality care for over 40 years! We provide our clients with an unmatched level of customer satisfaction by offering the highest standards in office cleaning and maintenance. With open communication at all times between us and your employees or managers on-site during repairs/maintenance projects; you can rest assured knowing everything will be taken care of immediately should it arise before any issues arise.

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