Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house, it’s also for your office. With employees spending 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week at an office, it’s important to ensure the workplace is clutter free and germ free. Below, we will explain 3 tips on how to keep your office clean, employees healthy, and ensure strong productivity.

1. De-Clutter your desk:
Start by getting rid of unused items ON your desk. Use your drawers and neatly organize your office items within those drawers. Learn more.

2. Throw away trash:
Sounds easy enough but oftentimes distractions, deadlines, or a funny story can get in the way of throwing away coffee cups, etc. and that can quickly add up.

3. Bring a plant to work:
Studies have shown that employees who have a plant at their desk are happier and more productive at work. Go green in your office by bringing some green to your workspace. Learn more


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