Every office area needs a good spring clean and it doesn’t always have to happen in Spring. Office cleaning is always a priority but there certainly isn’t enough time or money to have certain things done daily.

By having regular deep cleaning and sanitizing, your office will have an edge and staff and other users will benefit. Set the bar high for pride in clean office surroundings and everyone using the area will adopt the same standard. Morale will be high and productivity will follow suit.

Here Are Some Areas To Look At For Spring Cleaning:

Top of high shelves/doorways/cupboards
Communication devices
Unused/ occasional use areas like indoor storage areas
Underneath movable objects
Detailed cleaning of kitchen areas

Defrost fridge
Electric appliances
All IT equipment as bacteria can live for an extended period in many cases
Desk chairs and other soft furnishings
Outdoor storage areas
Spring Cleans Should Be For Every Season

Regular deep cleaning sessions means that dirt, dust, and clutter do not accumulate over time. Customers, clients and staff notice a bright clean business and react in a positive manner.

Practicing good hygiene on a regular basis will stem the spread of infectious bacteria. Also encourage and make it easy for staff to have a clutter free organized work area. By providing a place for everything and keeping the premises clean they will be more inclined to want to have a tidy work area.  Germs do accumulate on equipment that is in close contact with users, and may have more than one user. Computer keyboards and telephones are a prime example.

Time To Update Your Commercial Cleaning Service?

There are many reasons why a business might employ an office cleaning service, and this is fast becoming one of the most outsourced industries. Business owners are realizing that a clean and healthy workplace provided by a quality cleaning company actually saves them money and increases productivity.
If you are looking to spruce up a tired workplace, have just taken over below par office space, or are trying to get a current service running to your satisfaction, it may not hurt to look around and compare.

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