This is the time of year when TBCC sees a rise in demand for commercial cleaning services from businesses such as retail stores, office buildings, fitness centers, and especially health facilities.

Because of the flu’s severity this year, taking steps for protecting employees is critical and vital to keep the workplace functional.

TBCC offers the following tips for businesses looking to prepare for cold and flu season:

flu season

Increase the number of times your business is professionally cleaned

We strongly recommend you increase the frequency of janitorial services, especially professional carpet cleaning during this flu season because they have a direct impact on the health of your employees. Carpets, if neglected can collect bacteria, moisture, dust, mold, dirt, allergens, and toxins.

Prepare for unexpected absences

It is possible that schools and daycares can close due to illness, forcing parents to leave work to care for their kids. Sick employees should be sent home to prevent spreading the infection. This can cause staffing issues. Make sure your company has a plan in place to meet staffing requirements in such cases.

Increase virtual meetings

With Zoom meetings becoming the new norm, they’re an excellent way to prevent germs and stay safer during the flu season. Limiting in-person meetings and events can also help you cut time in travel as well as boost productivity.

Good housekeeping equals good health

Regular surface cleaning minimizes germ exposure. Remove clutter on counters, particularly around sinks and food preparation areas, to ease the job of wiping down these frequently germ-filled places and promote fast drying. Wipe down phones, keyboards, door handles as well as other objects often.

Encourage workers to get a flu shot

The flu vaccine provides a great defense against contracting the virus, as per the CDC. The more people who get vaccinated, the harder it’s for influenza to spread via communities. The CDC has found that the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of a person getting the flu by as much as 40% to 60%. Many companies make getting the flu shot simple and convenient by offering on-site flu-shot clinics for employees.

Educate workers about regular hand washing

Companies need to provide employees and consumers with hand cleanser dispensers and wipes where soap, as well as water, are unavailable. Alcohol-based cleansers are efficient at killing viruses that cause common colds and the flu (for maximum effectiveness, these products should have 60 to 95 percent ethanol and isopropanol).

Stock up on hygiene products

In addition to hand cleansers mentioned above, be sure work environments have enough supply of tissues, paper towels, soap, disposable wipes, disposable face masks, as well as other facility service and hygiene products.

Avoid sick coworkers and take sick days

Discourage workers from coming into close contact with anybody with flu-like symptoms. The flu virus is contagious, so avoiding contact with colleagues, friends, and family members with the virus may help decrease the risk of catching the flu.

Keep Up Social Distancing

Social distancing policies are put in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, but they are very efficient against the flu. Companies keep an eye on spikes of coronavirus cases and re-tighten social distancing measures to mitigate the earlier spread of the flu. Flattening the curve for both viruses is important. You should also have prominent signs on the entrances discouraging anyone with flu-like symptoms from entering as well as a reminder to wear a face mask.

Be Aware of Co-Infection

Unfortunately, as per Science every day, more the 20 percent of coronavirus positive patients presented with a respiratory viral syndrome early in the pandemic. It is possible for individuals to contract both the COVID-19 and the flu at the same time and employees should understand the risks.

Final thoughts

“2020 has been the busiest year for businesses to create a healthier workplace and keep employees and customers safe. As we all adapt and move forward through flu season, remember it’s never been more imperative to have a cleaning schedule in place. TBCC is a proud leader in keeping businesses clean and healthy.” – Miguel Boggiano CEO TBCCC.

We can help your business get on track with the right cleaning schedule. Contact us today for a free quote.

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