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Cleaning Schedule | Luxury Retail Store & Average Office Building

Luxury Retail Store:

The Luxury Retail store contains valuable items, so the cleaning of those objects requires care and thorough cleaning. The best and suitable to clean those items is in the morning time. The customers’ entry in the morning is less than the other shifts of time.

Their cleaning is easy because much time is available to clean them. The other important thing is that the cleaning should be done in the presence of the store staff. Approximately, 1.5 to 2 hours are enough and 2 to 3 workers can easily handle depending on the size of the store.

The store staff can perform his duties and take a start first from the front house of the store before the opening time of the store. The cleaning of the back of the house of the store that usually has storerooms/office areas/break room/staff restrooms should be done in the last. 

Average Office Building

An office with a higher number of employees demands periodic cleaning of carpets and floors and it should be done at least every two months because workers move around and bring dirt and soil inside the office.

Lobbies, restrooms, and other spaces require daily cleaning, especially during these times, and due to regular visitors so that they would be happy and leave a positive impression of the business. Nowadays demands cleaning more than once a day. Something is daily prepared for them in the kitchen that needs daily cleaning of surfaces and microwave. The refrigerator must be cleaned once a week to prevent germs growth and food spoiling. 

Advantages of Cleaning | Luxury Retail Store & Average Office Building

Cleaning luxury retail stores and office buildings have their different advantages based on different circumstances.

Luxury Retail Store 

A clean workspace has several hidden Advantages

  • A clean work environment affects employee’s health because they are directly correlated.
  • Regular cleaning not only protects building assets such as carpets, floors, tile surfaces, equipment but also increase lifespan while preventing massive wear.
  • Being an excellent marketing tool, a sparkling workplace can impress prospective clients, lease space, or sell the building.
  • A clean, healthy building gives a welcoming atmosphere and encourages hard work and collective effort.
  •  The clean building is distinct from other buildings that bring added value.
  • According to some experts, the cleaning industry maintains people’s health and even productivity at the workplace, it should be part of the healthcare industry.
  • Higher cleaning standards are required to kill the dangerous disease-producing germs. This can be the significant role of cleaning companies.

Average Office Building

  • The First Impression does Matter. A clean and tidy work environment welcomes and attracts potential clients. And builds it trust and gives the impression of efficiency and strong attention. While an untidy scenario gives the impression of a lack of necessary professionalism to take care of your employees. 
  • Brand Elevation. A tidy work environment implies superior, quality products and services to average consumers. And all your services of serving food, doing taxes, or selling furniture force clients to judge your entire brand base including products and services you might offer.
  • Employees’ happiness. The office is a second home for workers and a clean and tidy office is not only a cause of efficiency and productivity for the employees but also a source of happiness that is super important. Your employees being a true representation of your business, are the marketing tool, and promote your business with their friends and family. Their productivity decreases in a messy and untidy environment.
  • Maintain a clean workplace. For keeping the workspace clean and tidy, you need to hire a cleaning group or professional cleaning services that can clean everything like carpets, floors, walls, windows bathrooms, hallways, and even the outside of the building. An untidy work environment is a place of germs and allergens.
  • Improve Air Quality. The air quality of any workspace affects its performance and efficiency. A proper air filtration system is essential and the best way to improve the air quality of the company is to put plants inside the building that filter out excess carbon dioxide and provide clean air and oxygen to the employees.
  • Potential Enhancement. A neat and clean workspace shows your professionalism and potential customers feel it that you have care of your business and workers. Only a happy employee is productive leaves a good impression on the clients. 

Check List for Cleaning | Luxury Retail Store & Average Office Building

Check List for Luxury Goods Store Cleaning:

  • Prepare routine cleaning timetable and not weekly cleaning. Employees should check hourly all the places. Store cleaning should be done daily.
  • Deep cleaning schedule should also be prepared in spite of regular daily maintenance, the store should be deep-cleaned on a consistently that may include high ceiling areas, floors and carpets, windows, displays, and everything else.
  • Air and surface quality should be checked. Do mold tests to maintain air quality. The ductwork and HVAC system should be cleaned. Ensure that the surfaces not only should be clean but also hygienic and is cleaned thoroughly to eliminate infectious germs.
  • Frequent power washing is important for certain areas regularly to keep them clean: parking lots, sidewalks, entryways, building exterior siding, railings, all need to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Once in a year, thorough deep cleaning of the parking lot is essential to remove embedded debris, oil stains, tire marks, and all the other grime that builds up around your customers’ cars.
  • Graffiti should be removed promptly because retail clients dislike it, Arrange a cleaner on call to tackle graffiti as soon as it happens.

Check List for Average Office Building Cleaning:

Daily tasks 

Office and reception area:

  • All the crockery should be removed, washed, and put away in the cupboard.
  • Visible cobwebs are removed
  • Vacuum all the floors, incl. a doormat should be vacuumed ensuring you get into all places and under desks.
  • All the desks should be dusted and wiped properly to make sure that the staff is tidy and the desk is cleaned to make access easy.
  • Bins should be empty on a daily basis and bin bags should be replaced
  • Wipe door handles.
  • Clean landing areas and staircases


  • Wash floors of toilets (behind the door)
  • Clean and scour toilet bowls and sinks (including taps) with proper materials
  • Clean toilet seats, cisterns, and exterior of the toilet bowl
  • Refill toilet roll (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)
  • Wipe and clean the mirrors 

Kitchen area:

  • Exterior and interior of microwave oven should be cleaned (if applicable)
  • The sink and draining board should be washed and clear
  • Replace kitchen towels, refill hand wash and washing up liquid as needed (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)
  • Bins should be empty and bin bags should be replaced (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)
  • The exterior and interior of kitchen appliances (kettle, toaster, etc.) should be cleaned
  • Mop and vacuum floors

Monthly Tasks

  • Dust all surfaces (desks, displays, top of wall hangings/pictures, light fittings, filing cabinet, skirting, monitors, keyboards, PC mice, tops of computers (Inc. towers), tops of radiators, air conditioner, window sills/frames, wall clocks) on monthly basis.
  • Wipe skirting boards, painted surfaces (i.e. cupboard doors below displays)

Final thoughts

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