Does your desk look messy?
Well we have got some tips for you on how to make it look like this.
  • Keep cleaning supplies in a designated area so all employees have access to it
  • Eliminate clutter by minimizing the number of items on your desk
  • Items not used often should be placed inside your desk or on a separate shelf
  • To avoid the spread of germs, wipe down your desk every Friday with an alcohol wipe
  • Clean keyboards, mouse, and telephones with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to clean.
  • Suggest to management that the carpets be cleaned every 3 months (this will improve the air quality in your office)

Did you know? An office desk has 400 times the amount of germs that a toilet!

That is a pretty scary fact!! But if you follow our tips, you can eliminate some of them. Everything else you can leave to us! The Business Cleaning Company specializes in carpet cleaning and office cleaning services.

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