With the fast paced lives that we all lead today, it is hard to go green. In our blog today we will be going over some ways that you can go green effortlessly in your office.

• Commute to work. With the rise in gas prices, wouldn’t it be nice to save some green while going green. Try taking public transportation to work or even biking or carpooling.

• We all need that morning cup of coffee or smoothie in the morning to jump start our day. This time before you grab that plastic or throw away cup, think about getting yourself a reusable cup. They have so many to choose from these days, you are sure to find the right fit for you.

• Maybe put up a little green while going green. Get some small indoor plants. If you happen to have an office with a nice window put up some plants by the window and let the sun shine through. If you have a cubicle, then research plants that don’t need direct sunlight.

• Instead of rushing for the elevator, try taking the stairs. Doing this can not only increase your everyday energy consumption it is good exercise.

• A big difference you could make in the work place and save some green while doing it is printing less. Save money and trees while printing less. If you happen to print too many copies or make a mistake when printing make sure to have a recycling bin next to the printer.

• Always make it a practice of turning off the lights when no one is in the room. Turning off your computers in the office at night and the power strip, can save energy also.

• The restrooms are another place you can go green. By using one at a time towel dispensers it can cut down on the excess use and waste of paper towels.

At The Business Cleaning Company, we strive to go green not only in our own office but by helping our clients go green as well. TBCC can provide a variety of towel and soap dispensers to save our clients green and help them go green.