Clean Office San Diego

If you want to get things done, get decluttering.

Its time to get all that clutter under control! Decluttering will give you a sense of accomplishment, improve your concentration, lower stress levels and boost your mood. According to an article posted in Psychology Today it even gets your creative juices flowing. 

“The messy desk or studio does not equate to creativity. A research study in Princeton shows that a minimalist environment can help the creative process. Having too many items around can make your brain drift from one thing to the next, leading to increased stress and less creativity. An organized workspace boosts creativity. Working in an environment that is neat, clean and organized can help your brain focus and get your creative juices flowing. Living and working in an organized space improves skills related to art, writing, music, creative thinking or even out-of-the-box thinking.” – Psychology Today. 

  • Your desk. – Does it inspire or cripple? If you don’t need it on your desk, then find a place to put it within easy reach depending on how often you use it. Business cards, staplers, paperclips, etc are all items that can be stored in a desk drawer, sorted and easily accessible. If you have a window ledge or a cubby area, you can put your pen holder, photos, etc there, which frees up more desk space. Inspire yourself! 
  • Your drawers – one at a time. Give or throw away anything that you haven’t used in a while or don’t need. Non regular use items can go in an office cupboard, NOT your desk drawers. Each drawer has its own function, office supplies, paper etc. Order and sort. You will start to feel the satisfaction!
  • Papers – to sort or not to sort?  It is something that needs to be done! If you are finding the filing system not working for you, then reinvent or tweak it to meet your personal working style (make sure it´s not a Rubik’s Cube that nobody can work out). If you can store it on your computer, then throw away the papers and go digital. Celebrate a shrinking pile!
  • Computer Clutter – Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away! It´s the psychological nagging that clutters your mind. Documents need storing, emails need filing in a client folder etc. It is still piling up whether you can see it or not! So, time to get rid of the invisible clutter- sort and trash. Just do it! Set a time every day and see how that works. Consistency is the key! Reward yourself when it´s done! 

Psychological Impact – Tidying, decluttering and cleaning, all have a psychological effect on how we feel and view our lives. So, start to live in the fresh new habits that you are acquiring. Bit by bit and you will change your world – inner and outer world.

Goodbye Clutter!