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A clean workspace is extremely valuable to the morale and productivity of your staff. We often spent a lot of valuable time learning special tips, going to events, and reading books on how to boost productivity when one of the most important productivity boosting tips starts with your desk!

Here are 4 great facts on how a clean workspace improves health and productivity:

  • A clean workspace means healthy employees:
    When flu season is in full effect, you want to ensure the health of your staff and ensure they show up to work.
  • A clean workspace improves focus:
    Studies show it’s easier to focus and complete tasks with a clean and uncluttered desk.
  • A clean workspace lowers stress:
    Lowering stress levels in the work place is essential to increased productivity. Less stress means more focus and mental capacity.
  • A clean workspace improves efficiency:
    Increased productivity has a lot to do with efficiency – time is money, right? A clean workspace increases efficiency when staff knows where things are located in a clean and uncluttered manner.

Ensure your staff is healthy, focused, stress-free, and efficient by employing a dedicated staff to handle your commercial cleaning services. A clean workspace is essential to productivity and the staff at The Business Cleaning Company are dedicated to keeping your business looking its best. We feel proud to be a part of keeping staff motivated and productive.

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