Getting your commercial office windows cleaned is a necessary expense for any business. If you have your own storefront this is your responsibility to get done. If you rent a space in an office building then it is the property manager’s job and the cost is included in your monthly rent.

When you start getting into commercial window washing you need more specialized tools, better trained employees, and more insurance (liability gets higher as the height of a building gets higher). Once your start to get over a certain story you will need expensive pulleys to be able to reach those heights.
So again, how much are you going to spend?

The standard rate in the pacific southwest is $5 per pane. Once you start to get into the really tall heights it is more but this is the standard rate. A pane is any glass surrounded by wood or metal. If your building has 10 panes then the total price will be $50. If your building has 100 panes then your total price will be $500. There might also be a small service fee to cover materials and fuel. This is fairly standard in the industry.

There is nothing that looks better than pristine and clean windows. It makes everything looks great and professional. To achieve this you are going to have to get them washed once a month. Some more premium offices want their windows cleaned every two weeks.