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Just as the old adage “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” still stands, when it comes to a customers shopping experience, the opposite is true! “Do judge a book by its cover”! The customer is a harsh judge when it comes to image, order and cleanliness of your store!

Looking to attract customers, increase revenue and retain existing customers? Here are a few simple tips guaranteed to improve your business:

  1. Provide a clean retail space – Let the customer see professionalism and excellence from the moment they Lay eyes on your building. Keep in mind that the exterior is just as important and the interior. Providing a clean retail space establishes the basics to attract customers, invite them to stay longer and also to recommend your business to others.
  2. Create a pleasant atmosphere – After all, there is nothing more relaxing than a clean, well ordered shop floor, where a welcoming atmosphere tempts you to linger longer! Especially in view of the rise of online shopping. You can make the customer experience something unique and enjoyable!
  3. Always keep your customers in mind – Think. Where do customers spend most of their time making purchasing decisions? The fitting rooms! So why wouldn’t you to keep fitting rooms organized and creatively designed? You are creating an experience that keeps them coming back.
  4. Know that a retail space reflects your company image and what you stand for – The floor, the windows, the doors, the shelves and the check-out area…..all have the potential to shout “we care” or “we don’t really care”. Customers are far more likely to walk into a “we care” space. This is your image! Why wouldn’t you go all the way to make it excellent? Show your customers that you respect them and your merchandise by keeping mech and your building clean and well maintained!
  5. Let the professionals do their job – Hiring a cleaning company will make running your business so much easier. Deliberate cleanliness makes for an overall great customer experience. Simply keeping and providing clean well stocked restrooms, proper trash receptacles, clean floors, sparkly clear windows, neat and tidy fitting rooms and counters, can influence your customers in an extremely positive way. Run your business and let the janitors do their business. Partner with The Business Cleaning Company for professional results.

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