The Holiday Season is officially upon us. That means office parties, goodies in the break room and coworkers going on vacation or like many offices closing for the holidays. Today we are going to give you some helpful hints on how to get your office ready for those holiday parties and how to prepare for the aftermath.

A good way to keep the office clean all year round is to be as organized as possible, I know it is harder than it sounds sometimes. The key is investing in a couple good pieces of pieces you can keep on your desk or in it to help you stay organized and keep the clutter off your desk.

Make sure the trash is taken out before it starts to over flow.

Keep a recycling container by the copy machines for the copy mishaps, it will help eliminate random paper staking up around the copy machine.

Most importantly keep the break room clean! This is probably the biggest one, but we have some great tips for you on how to get it done! There are going to be an abundant of holiday cookies and treats in the break room this coming month which is amazing but if every one does their part in cleaning up after themselves, you can avoid such things as ants and other stuck smelly messes.
The refrigerator lets just talk about that for a second. According to a survey done by Go Assist Ltd. on offices in the UK the average office refrigerator is cleaned out every 93 days!!!!!! Can you imagine the smell. I bet you can because I bet there has been at least one time when you opened the fridge to get your lunch out and you were overcome by the smell. So this time around when everyone gets ready to go on vacation for the Holidays, make sure everyone takes their leftovers with them.
Another good one to ensure that 93 days does not go by before the fridge in the break room is cleaned. Put a sign up in the break room letting everyone know that any food left at the end of day every Friday will be thrown out. Maybe start a rotation of who gets to be the lucky one to throw all the old food out every Friday! How nice would it be to walk into the break room on Monday morning and it smell like a fresh pot of coffee instead of rotten food!

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