The Business Cleaning Company enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and we encourage our employees to do so, as well. The Fitness Challenge was thus created to keep us on our toes! Every month we restart the challenge to see which employee works out the most by the end of the month. To be a part of the challenge, employees must submit a minimum of $5 into the workout box. During our 10-minute breaks or hour lunch break we have the option to exercise in the breakroom or take a walk/run outside. Employees must exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes, to document their time on the whiteboard. The winning employee receives the money from the box or leave it inside the box    and double it for the following month.  In addition to the cash, there is a prize incentive such as a gift card for shoes to RoadRunner. This month of August, the winner gets a free month of yoga at a nearby yoga studio!

Our Fitness Challenge can be a notable example for other businesses to implement in their office. It is a perfect way to get employees active and away from their computer screens for a bit. It also helps to bond the workplace more by adding friendly competition and exercising at the same time for cash! Make your work day a little more interesting and start your own Office Fitness Challenge!