Out with the old in with the new! A lot of people wait to clean out closets and garages and the house and or office during spring. But why wait? The New Year is a perfect time to purge those old files and clean up those address books. Why not start off the New Year right? Clutter free!

Here are some helpful tips to clean out the office and make room for new and exciting business ventures that the New Year holds.

  •  Purge any old files, either scan them and put them in a file on your computer and get rid of all the paper. You can also set up old files in storage outside your office.
  • Get all those business cards out and update your address book. Great way to de-clutter your desk drawers!
  •  Go through your address book also and delete any old contacts and update existing ones in case they have new phone numbers/email address
  • Getting the carpets cleaned in the office will also add some spruce to your newly cleaned office
  • Adding some plants to bring in oxygen and a bit of outside freshness in case you can not open a window can always be a nice treat
  • Dust, Dust, Dust! Let TBCC come dust off all those desks and conference room tables and filing cabinents

Whatever your cleaning needs maybe, whether it is a deep cleaning for the office or a parking lot sweeping. The Business Cleaning Company is here for all your professional cleaning needs. Give us a call today at 858-689-8966 for a free quote!