Let’s get your retail store in tip-top shape! Here’s how to pass the spotless test.

Retail stores have serious competition when it comes to customer service and the first impression a business makes. To stand out from competitors, you should focus on cleanliness as well!

A study by Saturn commissioned Research Now shows that almost everyone – adults AND children alike- examines whether or not they can see any dirt before entering an establishment for shopping purposes. This means if your retail store isn’t spotless then potential clients might pass right through without even looking at products closely because of their preconceived notions about what a clean store looks like in general.

How to Pass the Spotless Test

Having a visually appealing store can make or break your business!

You will need to be attentive and pay close attention in order for your store’s cleanliness standards to not only pass but exceed customer expectations.


Just follow these tips for perfecting your retail cleaning skills, and see what happens!


Clean and Well-Kept Sidewalks

What first impression do you want to give customers? The answer is clear if the entranceways are not well kept then it will lower the confidence that people have in your store. Take good care of these areas by power washing them when necessary so everyone can enjoy a sparkling clean walkway! The parking lot should have regular parking lot cleaning. After all your customers are inspecting your parking lots deciding if it looks safe to get out and visit your store! Maintaining your property’s cleanliness is the best way to prevent costly repairs. Power-washing regularly in these areas will help keep them looking like new!

Well Maintained Restrooms

Toilet paper and clean restrooms are necessary for a good customer experience. Consider frequent restroom cleansings throughout the day to make sure your clients have an enjoyable time spent there!

Toilet paper and towels must be provided in the bathroom, as well. It is important for them to always have a clean restroom so that people can use it without worrying about how dirty their hands might get from touching any surfaces within an area. Janitorial services are a must to keep your customers’ level of expectations consistently great.

A Clean, and Tidy Inviting Entrance

Keep your store’s entrances clean to make a good first impression on customers. Make sure floor mats are tidy and that carpets aren’t frayed or torn; entrance windows should be cleaned regularly too! Cigarettes butts, gum stuck under glasses near the door—all indicate negligence when it comes down to retail cleaning tips for shoppers inside those doors. Don’t forget the sense of smell. Does your entrance smell fresh and clean? The Business Cleaning Company is well known for their Green Services – freshly cleaned carpets smelling refreshed as rainfall or a Spring afternoon.

Garbage and Sanitizers

Encourages consumers to see that the business cares about cleanliness by having trash cans, recycling stations (if applicable), hand sanitizer availability for those who need it most in their busy lives as well as wipes so you can take care of all your needs without leaving residue on anything!

Super Shiny Floors

That first impression when the floors are so clean, they beautifully mirror the products in the store. One of the most visually stunning and inviting elements of a retail store is its mirror-like floors! Sparkling floors are a breath of fresh air. They make customers feel clean, inspired, and ready to spend money on luxury items!

As soon as you walk in the door, our floors are ready to make a statement. Our professional floor and carpet cleaners will polish and shine them so that customers feel at ease when browsing for luxury goods or just coming back after an extended absence from their store – we want everyone’s shopping experience special!

No Stains, Dirt, or Spills

No more stains or spills means a cleaner store. With the help of porter services, retailers can monitor their carpets for dirtiness throughout each day and quickly clean up any dirty business before it has time enough to cause major problems with shoppers’ perceptions!

Stains and spills are just not cool. They ruin the look of any retail space, so keep your carpets clean! Consider using porter services that monitor their entire floors for stains or ugly messes throughout each day to make sure they’re always looking good on the sales floor as well in customers’ eyes (and noses).
No ugly stains here – without this kind of attention from detailers who constantly watch out during open hours there would be plenty more evidence than if someone had come by after hours causing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damages due solely because nobody was watching.

A clean exterior is the first step to a successful retail business.

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