With California facing this horrible drought, it is challenging for commercial cleaning companies to find ways to save water and still give their clients the best possible service. TBCC has done its part to become part of the initiative to save water and save California. While cleaning carpets and power washing parking lots use to take s significant amount of water, TBCC has sought out other green ways to save water. By saving water, they are saving their client some green in the process. 

TBCC has implemented a new way to get carpets clean without wasting water. We have started using the Whittaker System. The Whittaker System reduces the number of hot water extractions to once per year coupled with treatments and it not only saves money but extends the life of your carpet! 

You can read more about The Whittaker System on their website. 

Our customers love the fact that it uses very little water, and that it dries in minutes. 

If you are ready to start saving some green, saving some water and ultimately Saving California, give TBCC a call today for a free quote!! 858-689-8966