The first day of Spring has come and gone. This year is just flying by! Earth day is coming up and we have some tips for you on how to get that Spring Cleaning out of the way all while giving back!
Your probably thinking where do I start? Well if your car does not fit in your garage, I would say it is safe to start in there. We tend to just throw unwanted or old items in our garage and think we will just deal with them later and then we forget about them. Well now is your chance to clear it out.
Here are a list of things  to consider going through

  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Books 
  • Linens

First think you want to do is start with three boxes, one for things you want to keep, things you want donate and one for trash. This will make it so much easier to stay organized.
Go through your closets and then head over to the kids closets and get rid of the things that do not fit them anymore. There are so many charities you can donate gently worn clothes to. Someone gets a new outfit and you get more room in your closet, it is a win win for everyone.
Get your kids in on it and give them a box and let them go through their room and pick out toys that have outgrown and no longer interest them. Let them know they will be going to another little boy or girl who can enjoy them.
Book shelf overflowing? Still holding onto books from high school. Now is the time to  clean that shelf off and wipe the dust away. Go through your old books that you have 3 times and donate them so someone else can get lost in the story.
Bathroom closets overflowing with old towels and sheets, time to make room for the new. There are a number of places to donate old towels and blankets, for example animal shelters are always in need of old towels and blankets for the animals. Or you could turn your old towels into rags and use them to clean.
There are so many ways to reuse the things in your home and give it a new purpose. 
  • Last but not least, have a home office or office space that needs sprucing up.
  • Start with going through your old files and shred anything you might not need anymore.
  • Dust your keyboard
  • Put your files in an organizer on your desk to make more room
If  you need help spring cleaning your office. Give us a call at TBCC 858-689-8966 or visit at The Business Cleaning Company for a free quote and let us do the hard work for you!