happy thanksgiving 2019

How gratitude changes us.

When this beautiful time of year comes along, where the leaves change color to yellow, orange, brown and red, we find our thoughts adjusting to this time of change.

Change in the weather, changing in our choice of clothes, even our iced drinks have been exchanged for hot coffee or tea or even our favorite winter beverage…(pumpkin spiced latte).

With this change comes the stark reality that we are already in the last part of the year – a new year will soon be here!

But foremost in our minds is :

  • “Who will be home for Thanksgiving?”
  • “Who will be round the Thanksgiving table?”
  • or perhaps “who needs to be loved and drawn into our gathering at this very special celebration?”

As we pause to contemplate the precious people in our lives and the events, people and things in our lives that we are grateful for, we are suddenly aware of this sense of gratitude, this opening of our previously busy hearts to tender thoughts of appreciation – family, friends, health, work, beauty, creativity etc.

There may be another thought, “what am I thankful for this year?”. No matter how difficult, challenging, strange or fantastic this year has been, there is always something to be grateful for. 

Here are some of the comments from the TBCC staff and leaders:

I am grateful for the strangers, friends, family members who are there when we need a shoulder to lean on or just to laugh, or a smile. I read this and it reminded me of the great people who always have time to hear us in a time of need. 

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindle by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighten the flames within us” – Albert Schweitzer

– Diana, QA

I’m grateful for the opportunities TBCC has given me. I started part time as a technician in 2014.  They gave me all the tools necessary to grow and now I am the operation Manager.  I’m really thankful that they believed in me and gave me a chance to show my potential.

-Jose, Operations

I am grateful for my son, his beautiful spirit, and eagerness to learn. I am grateful for how far he has come, and for everything he has taught me, I am grateful to be his mother.

-Karina, Admin 

During this time of year, it makes you think what you have been thankful for. Me personally, I would like to say that I’ve been blessed this past year to have my family, my friends, and my team members at work continuously give me heart felt support on days my family and I were faced with scary visits to the hospital due to my grandbaby heart conditions. Let’s give THANKS to Love, Health, and seeing Tomorrow! 

– Dora, Office Manager & HR

I’m grateful for this rainy season, my education and the great working environment here at TBCC. 

– Erick, QA

 I am fortunate to be blessed with the most supportive & encouraging parents who raised me to truly believe that I am capable of anything. Their love and kindness towards people has been a great example for me! And that I am thankful for. 

– Lauren, Marketing 

“I know it might sound cliché to be thankful for family and health but, I really am! I feel truly blessed to have loving family to share the holidays with and health to keep up with my grandsons!” 

-Marlene, CFO

I am very grateful for having the people that surround me, family, friends, and co-workers!

– Miguel, CEO

You have been privy to the beautiful gratitude from a team that serves others, businesses small and large across the country, each one responsible to make this organization the warm, friendly and efficient company it is.

Thankfulness and gratitude are the essence in life that provoke love, respect and humility.

May your Thanksgiving time be full of blessings and love, 


how gratitude changes us

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