Time to Hire a HVAC Pro

It is officially being Winter!

‘tis the season we stay inside to avoid the cold weather both in the office and at home! 

To get ready for spring cleaning we recommend having a plan in place.

Time to store all the fun lights and all the holiday decorations,  we may still keep the nice warm blankets.  

By now we have lit our candles and the chimney, we have turn on the furnace… Did it happen? That old dusty smell!  

If you haven’t yet, TBCC recommends you hire a professional HVAC pro to go in and clean all vents, change your air filters and improve the overall air quality of the air both in your home or business!

We suggest all businesses prepare for rain, or snow to avoid slip and falls.
We have a few ideas below:

  • Set out water-resistant mats
  • Wet floors signs readily available
  • Set out an umbrella holder for guest walking in and out of your business

Safety first! We are looking forward to Spring Cleaning!

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