Company Make or Break – Impeccable Service and company DNA

Do you remember being frustrated due to receiving poor service? What are you doing to avoid clients saying the same about your company or business? Customer service can be the “make or break” of any company. Creating a customer service oriented culture simply makes your company a joy and pleasure to work with.  

Below are a few pointers:

  • Company DNA – it all trickles down from the top! Behind every company or corporation, there is someone who creates the company philosophy and makes sure that it becomes part of the company employee DNA.  One philosophy, for example, could state, “We are a company that values and honors our customers, but not only that, we go out of our way to make sure they are satisfied and have the best experience possible because of who we are and what we provide.”
  • Choose the right person for the job – No matter what your company provides or sells, this is an area where selecting the ‘right’ employee can improve your company or be a liability. Careful selection of the right service agent makes for smoother customer interactions with less tension. The Tom Rath Strengthsfinder Personality test is simple and effective in recognizing a potential service agent and someone who has the people skills and effervescent personality needed to serve customer needs. The individual gifts and talents are categorized and made beautifully clear so you can avoid uncomfortable conversations in the future.  Many companies traditionally use the Myers-Briggs personality test. Perhaps consider applying one or both of these tests to assist in choosing the right person to interface with and serve your customers.
  • Training is essential – Communicating and imprinting your company DNA, mission and philosophy to your staff is important. Take the time to thoroughly impress upon your staff the required skills of the job and train them when needed. Make sure new techniques and procedures are explained clearly. Rewarding good customer service is a fantastic way to encourage a culture of providing excellent service. Exciting staff meetings and team building engagements are fun ways to cultivate a great company culture in which employees feel valued and appreciated.
  • Customer Service – When a company is service-minded it shows. Each service agent makes it a priority to be warm, welcoming and as helpful as possible. When it involves service from your company where there has been a complaint, what is your company response? A genuine apology with humility goes a long way. Perhaps a phone call may help resolve any issues that may have arisen. Statistics show that a dissatisfied customer will tell 12 other people of their bad experience however, a satisfied customer will reportedly share their good experience with only two or three. Going the extra mile is not only good business, it’s vital!

How will you create a culture of customer service? Being available to field customer calls and questions, responding to client emails, and training your employees are all great places to start. Do what you can with all the heart, professionalism, and kindness you can, and watch your business reputation grow along with your repeat business.