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Good news! Most businesses are getting ready to reopen at full compactly with social distancing restrictions lifted. California for example is planning to return back to normal as soon as Jun 15th, 2021 (Industry Guidance)

With CDC business safety measures in mind, it’s time to reopen the right way and contact your office cleaning company to help you restart strong. That’s right! Your business needs to be an utmost safe, clean, and healthy environment for customers and employees. The Business Cleaning Company has 4 recommended tips to get you there:

1. Be Sure to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Your commercial cleaning company is your go-to expert for creating the right cleaning maintenance plan for your industry.

These professionals take the CDC guidelines seriously and have been implementing all recommendations following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your commercial cleaning company should be equipped with the proper cleaning solutions, tools, to the right cleaning systems in place.

If your commercial cleaning company is The Business Cleaning Company Inc., you can consider the most important task completed.


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Is Your Business Ready to Reopen?
2. Opt for Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Services Immediately

Businesses that have been closed and left unattended for months should schedule a thorough top to bottom cleaning and disinfection appointment ASAP. A professional commercial cleaning company will make recommendations to the highest traffic areas of your business that will need the most maintenance. This is key to helping areas such as carpets to last longer and maintain a healthier work environment. Now, it’s also more important than ever to maintain high-touch areas that especially harbor germs.

Remember, one deep cleaning visit is not enough. Your business needs a continuous cleaning scheduled to maintain a safe workplace and business, along with an impressive visually clean first impression!

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3. Gain the Trust and Confidence of Your Employees and Customers

Tell the world your business is committed to their safety. How do you do this? You can simply post on your website and social media that you have partnered with a business cleaning company. Next, you can place a poster of your cleaning schedule. Second, mention your cleaning and sanitizing methods to your employees and customers. It’s important to keep in mind that employees and consumers still have different confidence levels how safe they may feel revisiting their favorite businesses and workplaces.

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4. Make The Business Cleaning Company Inc. Part of Your Reopening Plan Today!

The Business Cleaning Company is ready to help your business with a custom-tailored cleaning plan that’s right for your unique business needs. Our cleaning services are in compliance with the current CDC guidelines. Let’s help get your business to reopen STRONG!

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