As climate concerns escalate, buyers are now looking for green and eco-friendly products for their home, to minimize environmental harm and carbon footprint. Companies are now beginning to focus more on sustainable products to meet consumer needs.

5 Reasons You Should Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners in Your Office

You probably have all sorts of green cleaning products stocked up in your janitorial cleaning closet. But what happens to your office?

Choosing the right cleaning products for your office is just as important as picking one for your home. Here, we have five key reasons why you should use eco-friendly cleaners in your office as well.

Less toxic chemicals:

Conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and toxins that could harm you and others around you as well and can even destroy your office furniture! Green cleaning products meet health standards, which makes them safe to use regularly.

Environment Friendly:

The core focus of green cleaning is to protect the environment from toxic air pollutants found in cleaning products. These chemicals are volatile and hurt the ozone layer when used in large quantities, especially in offices.

Health and safety:

Toxic chemicals make your skin more susceptible to chemical burns and skin allergies. They even contain harmful sublime chemicals, which, when inhaled, cause health problems like asthma. Environment-friendly cleaners contain no such chemicals, which makes them safe to use.


Why spend so much money on products packed with toxins, when you can make your cleaning products from stuff you already have in your pantry. Using natural cleansers like lemon, vinegar, and olive oil, combined with baking soda, will make cleaning pocket-friendly and non-toxic.

No chemical residue:

Regular cleaning products like dish soaps generally leave a chemical residue on dishes, which could be easily ingested if not washed thoroughly. Even harsh hand soaps could be toxic if hands are not properly washed, which is why one must switch to green cleaning products.

Going green with The Business Cleaning Company:

The Business Cleaning Company (TBCC) has been helping to control air pollution by offering green commercial janitorial services with state-of-the-art systems all across Southern California. They are assisting buildings to become LEED-certified, which is a big step towards a more sustainable environment. It gets even better, your janitorial supplies will always be maintained with our new Janitorial Supplies Management System.

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